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мимимиметр зашкалило

Math Antics* is the work of two individuals, Rob and Jeremy, who want to make learning math a little easier for everyone. We know that many students struggle with math and that many teachers and parents need better tools to help students succeed. Our goal is to provide simple and engaging math resources that make learning math more fun for students of all ages.

We are a very small company, with big ideas. We are committed to quality and want our math videos to be the best they can be.

Does Math Antics align with Common Core?
No. At this time we do not have plans to align with common core or any other specific math education standards. We want our Math Antics videos to be as universal as possible and many of our viewers are not part of the U.S. public school system.

Сыну в школе ссылочку на сайт дали. Офигенский. Смотрит не отрываясь.


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